Welcome, Loved Guests!

(and those +1s we may not know/love so well)  (yet!)

Alisha and I decided to put this little site together to share with you everything that has and will be going on as our day draws near.  We may even keep it up afterwards to share photos and the like.  For those of you arriving here from either side, being unfamiliar with Alisha or me, we've put together abbreviated profiles.

Alisha D. Pittman

Alisha is a hard working Master of Social Work currently working as a medical social worker.  Interests include photography, bird watching, and traveling.  When not engaged in these pursuits she's happy to let the vapid culture-suck of reality television occupy her time.

Noel Cordero, Jr.

Noel is a quasi intellect holding a degree in International Business.  Interests include motorbiking, video games, and trap shooting,  When bored, he changes the pronunciation of his first name and becomes exceedingly angry when the new pronunciation goes unobserved.